Next GSA Meeting: April 10th, 2014

In solidarity with the UAW strike this week, the GSA has decided to move the first meeting of the quarter to next Thursday, April 10th.

As usual, the meeting will be at 5pm at the Commons. We hope to see you there!

Consider being a GSA representative from your department! To be a rep, you simply come to one of our meetings, state that you'd like to be a rep for your department and then you'll be confirmed by a vote if no one else is currently representing your department. Reps are given the opportunity to serve on various committees. Serving as a rep comes with a quarterly $100 stipend. Most importantly, the more representation we have in the GSA, the more we can ensure that graduate student voices are being heard on campus.

Departments currently missing grad reps are:


Chemistry & Biochemistry

Computer Engineering

Digital Arts & New Media

Earth & Planetary Science

Ecology and Evolutionary Biology




History of Consciousness


MCD Biology


Technology & Information Management

Visual Studies

Theater Arts

Science Communication


If you a grad student in one of these departments, please consider getting involved!