About the GSA Executive Board

The GSA Executive Board consists of elected graduate students charged with advocating for graduate student concerns and interests and representing graduate students at large. They perform a variety of roles, such as: coordinating Council meetings, appointing grads to campus committees, bringing grad concerns to administrators, ensuring that reps get paid and allocated funding is distributed, participating in the statewide UC Student Association. Officers are elected at the end of spring quarter for an annual term. 


Below is a summary of each position's role and their quarterly stipend, followed by a link to a more detailed description. Co-officers receive half of the stipend plus and additional $100. Positions run for one year, beginning in summer quarter after elections.


Stipend - $2300 per quarter for three quarters, per hour pay for summer work

Serves as the chief executive officer and official representative of the campus GSA. Acts as primary point of contact between the GSA Council and campus administration, alumni association, and other campus organizations. Advocates for graduate student needs and interests. (Must have previous experience on the GSA Council.) Full description

Chair of the Council

Stipend - $1000 per quarter for three quarters (no summer work)

Coordinates and facilitates Council meetings, recruit Council representatives, and serve as the main point of contact for them. Coordinate any Council action that may need to be taken regarding the Constitution, the bylaws, and operating procedures. Responsible for ensuring the Council is following the GSA Constitution and Bylaws. Full description

Vice President of Shared Governance

Stipend - $1500 per quarter for three quarters, $500 for summer work

Serves as the liaison for the graduate student body and campus governance. Recruits and appoints grad representatives for campus committees. Provides leadership, guidance, and support to current representatives. Advocates for graduate students within campus. Full description

External Vice President

Stipend - $2400 per quarter for four quarters (includes summer), with additional $8000 budget for expenses

Acts as a liaison between GSA and systemwide student organizations, administration and Regents, statewide and national legislative affairs. Advocates for graduate needs on the UC wide level and reports back on important UC wide issues. Attends a variety of systemwide meetings across the state. Position requires extensive travel. Full description


Stipend - $800 per quarter for three quarters (no summer work)

Records and maintains the information of the GSA. Manages attendance of GSA meetings, serves as webmaster for GSA, solicits information and news for reports of GSA activities and matters of interest. Full description


Stipend - $1500 per quarter for three quarters, $500 for summer quarter (reduced workload)

Provides oversight and management of budget and finance related projects. The Treasurer shall be responsible for the GSA finances and oversees preparation and execution of the budget, including the disbursement of funds according to Council decisions. Full description

Solidarity Officer

Stipend - $1000 per quarter for four quarters (includes summer), plus $7000 budget for expenses

Recommended as a co-officer position. Provides programmatic oversight to solidarity-based initiatives in the GSA. Concerned primarily with issues of diversity and solidarity within the Council and graduate student body at-large, with the understanding that such concerns are not exclusively handled by the person holding this position.  Full description

UCSC Graduates Demand Equal Pay for Equal Work! 


Our monthly wage is $2434 before tax. This monthly wage is only for the 9 months of the year for which we are employed, totaling $21,906 before tax. Santa Cruz is one of the least affordable counties for renters in the country.


We demand a Cost of Living Adjustment for every* graduate student to bring us out of rent burden. 

At current rates, this amounts to an additonal $1,412 per month.** The COLA must be adjusted annually to keep up with the rental market. 


Adjusting salaries for the cost of living is common in private and public sector jobs in California.s. 


COLA is also a demand to recognize the precarity of our seasonal unemployment as graduate student workers, who make a monthly wage of $2434 but an annual wage of $21,906, because the UC Boss only employs us for 9 months out of the year. 


*Regardless of residence, visa, documentation, employment or funding status

 **Sharing a two- or three-bedroom apartment, based on median rental figures from April 2018 - August 2019 (source: Zillow Rental Index)