Rep Duties

Department Representatives are the voice of their departments on the GSA Council and take part in decisions on discretionary funding, GSA resolutions, and committee work. 

  • Reps attend Council meetings
  • Reps can get appointed to one or more internal or campus-wide committees
  • Reps interface with grads in their department to learn about their issues and needs, and brings these to attention of the GSA
  • Reps get paid for serving on the Council
  • Elected for a year long term


How to become a department rep:

1. Check the list of current department reps below to see if your department spot is vacant. 

2. Check with the other grads in your department to see if they will support you being the rep.

3. Come to one of our Council meetings and introduce yourself as a new rep. You will be confirmed by a Council vote.

4. Attend Council meetings and required trainings to get your stipend.