Application Materials - Please submit ALL application materials in the order listed below. All forms must be ONE SIDED with NO staples. Items 9-11 do not apply to all students, so read carefully.

  1. Travel Grant Cover Letter.pdf
  2. Travel Grant Application Form.pdf
  3. A written narrative stating your purpose for travel and describing the importance of the travel to your research must be provided. Use the lines on the second page of the application (where it asks you to describe the nature of your request) or attach a separate sheet of paper.
  4. Faculty Sponsorship Form.pdf
  5. Post-Travel Form (PDF)
    - This is the most crucial form for you to complete and to complete properly.
    - This form is sometimes difficult to open. If it does not appear in your browser, download it, save to your desktop, and open from there. If the form still does not open, please check the Financial Affairs Website and look for the POST-TRAVEL FORM.
    - Be sure to sign the form at the bottom.
    - Do not include any values on the Post-Travel Form that you are not claiming for reimbursement OR for which you lack receipts.
    - Do not include values on the Post-Travel Form for which you are receiving reimbursement from another source. You can not submit the same receipts twice. Please come to a Q&A with questions about this.
    - Do not include meals or incidentals. We will NOT reimburse for meals or incidentals.
  6. PDR 204 Form (PDF)
    -204 Form Instructions (PDF)
    - Fill this out unless you have completed one during the current school year.
    - Fill out the second page Direct Deposit form ONLY if you require direct deposit and you are able to attach a voided check. This form will not work without a voided check attached.
    - Be sure to sign the form at the bottom.
  7. Original receipts, for ALL purchases listed on the Post-Travel form
    - MUST be single-sided
    - If less than sheet size, tape them to a sheet of paper
    - Cannot be a reservation, showing an estimated price. Must show the amount that was paid for.
  8. Proof of Attendance, such as an agenda and/or program schedule. Field research also requires proof of attendance, such as email correspondence.
    - Include ONLY the cover sheet of lengthy programs and the page with your session, workshop, or panel highlighted or circled.
  9. If your transportation included driving: Map showing the mileage between home and destination
    - The easiest way to do this is to print out a Google Map (single-sided paper)
    - A Mileage Log (PDF)  is required only for travel to more than one destination -- more than round trip travel to and from a single location -- in a personal vehicle
  10. If your receipts are in a foreign currency: Currency Conversion Form (PDF)
  11. If you are not a U.S. citizen: Certificate of Citizenship (PDF)
    - If you have included this form, attach a copy of your visa or permanent resident status.

Applications must be COMPLETE and CORRECT to receive funding!

Completed applications can either be delivered by hand to the Graduate Student Commons or mailed via interdepartmental campus mail to the GSA mail stop. 

Please read our Eligibility and Policies page, visit the Frequently Asked Questions, and check out the Sample Application Package below, which may have slightly outdated forms but should be a good model of what your application should look like. If you have any other questions, contact our GSA Travel Grants Committee BEFORE the deadline.

The Financial Affairs Travel Site may have helpful information, such as forms (also found here), but beware that not all of the information is relevant to the GSA Travel Grants program. Foreign Nationals may find answers to some questions here.