Completed applications can either be delivered by hand to the Graduate Student Commons or mailed via interdepartmental campus mail to the GSA mail stop.

A complete application has the following:

* ALL requisite items listed below including original receipts.

  • Do not include any values on the Post-Travel Form that you are not claiming for reimbursement or for which you lack receipts.

* ALL forms submitted as ONE SIDED with NO staples.

* Your e-mail address on the Post-Travel Form

* NEW: A written paragraph stating purpose for travel must be provided, along with other supporting documentation, such as an agenda and/or program schedule.

  • For the sake of conserving paper, please include ONLY the cover sheet and the page with your session, workshop, or panel.

Please read our Frequently Asked Questions (last updated: January 2014) or check out the Sample Application Package below, which may have slightly out-dated forms but should be a good model of what your application should look like!

If you have any other questions, contact our GSA Travel Grants Committee ( BEFORE the deadline. Late travel grants will not be accepted.

Also check out the Financial Affairs Travel Site.

Application Materials - Please submit applications in the order listed below.

* Travel Grant Cover Letter.pdf
* Travel Grant Application Form.pdf
Faculty Sponsorship Form.pdf -- see below
* PDR 204 Form (PDF) (required if not on file)

- Fill in ALL the highlighted sections.

- Be sure to sign the form at the bottom.    

- If applicable, include all documentation as stated under "foreign visitors"   

- 204 Form Instructions (PDF)

* Post-Travel Form (PDF) (required) -- right click the form and save to your desktop. If the form still does not open, please check the Financial Affairs Website and look for the POST-TRAVEL FORM. Fill in ALL the necessary sections. For mileage refer to the University’s current rate.
* Mileage Log (PDF) (required only for travel to more than one destination in a personal vehicle)
Currency Conversion Form (PDF) (required only if receipts are in a foreign currency)
Certificate of Citizenship (PDF) (required only for International Students)

**Applications must be COMPLETE and CORRECT to receive funding!**


Travel Grant Sample App.pdf