Application Materials - Please submit ALL application materials in the order listed below. All forms must be ONE SIDED with NO staples. 

1. Research and Travel Grant Cover Letter (find PDF attached below) 

2. Research and Travel Grant Application Form (find PDF attached below)

3. A written statement describing your purpose for travel and the importance of the travel to your research must be provided. ~OR~ A written statement describing your need for the supplies requested and the importance of them to your research. 

    a. Provide the answer to this question on the 4th page of the application (Section 5).

4. Faculty Sponsorship Form (find PDF attached below)

      a. 204 Form Instructions (PDF)

      b. Fill this out unless you have completed one during the current school year

     c. Fill out the second-page Direct Deposit form ONLY if you require direct deposit and you are able to attach a voided check. This form will not work without a voided check attached.

      d. Be sure to sign the form at the bottom. PDR 204 Form (PDF)

6. Direct Payment Form (Only fill out sections 1, 3, and 4) 

7. Include ONLY the cover sheet of lengthy programs and the page with your session, workshop or panel highlighted or circled.

8. If you are not a U.S. citizen: Certificate of Citizenship (PDF)

a. If you have included this form, attach a copy of your visa or permanent resident status. 

    Applications must be COMPLETE and CORRECT to receive funding!

    Completed applications can either be delivered by hand to the Graduate Student Commons or mailed via interdepartmental campus mail to the GSA mail stop.