Travel Grants

The GSA is not reimbursing travel grants this quarter; graduate students who have traveled this Fall can apply to be reimbursed in the Winter quarter. 

We are looking for a travel grants coordinator (run by a graduate student). If interested, email 

Students that have traveled in Fall quarter can apply for reimbursement in Winter quarter, but reimbursement of the full cost of travel is not guaranteed. In the event that you cannot get full coverage, you may itemize the rest of the trip in your taxes.

Along with the application, include your remit address, mail stop and list four digits of your Social Security Number. You should also include travel information and receipts or bank statements showing payment and proof of attendance.

GSA Travel Grants are awarded to assist students who travel to perform research or attend conferences related to their graduate projects. This also may include thesis related travel to workshops and programs. The maximum award is $500 per applicant per academic year. Students receiving funding from another source (such as an advisor, department, or grant) may be offered an award that is less than the maximum. Travel must be completed before applying and must have occurred within the last two years. You may only apply after all travel has been completed.

Deadlines for submitting applications to the front desk of the Grad Student Commons or via intercampus mail to the Grad Student Commons are as follows:

  • Fall 2016: DECEMBER 5, 2016 by 5 pm
  • Spring 2017: APRIL 28, 2017 by 5 pm

Late travel grants will absolutely not be accepted.

Applications are processed at the end of each grant cycle. You will receive an email notification about whether your application has been approved, conditionally approved, or rejected by the GSA. The GSA then forwards grants for payment to the university's accounting system. You may be contacted by the accounting system with additional questions regarding your materials. Please be advised that the accounting system has the final say on whether you will be paid based on extensive rules and regulations. If you are encountering difficulties with the accounting process, PLEASE CONTACT THE GSA instead of harassing or accusing the accounting office of misdeeds.

Please complete all forms in pen. All forms must be printed single-sided. Incomplete applications will not be eligible and will be returned. They may be resubmitted for the next quarterly deadline when completed. Please closely read see our detailed application instructions and FAQs to avoid common errors.

The Travel Grants Committee highly encourages graduate students to attend a Q&A session prior to submitting your application. Please bring as complete an application as you can, as well as any specific questions you have for the committee. Unfortunately, we cannot provide paper copies of the application materials, nor can we print out receipts. Using your own account, you can print out the forms on the GSC computers. Workshops will be held in the Graduate Student Commons on the following dates (check bulletin board or ask front desk for room number):

Workshop 1: TBA

Workshop 2: TBA

Workshop 3: TBA

It is not necessary to come to the workshop in order to complete the travel grant forms, however, the forms that get rejected tend to become so on a technicality. Therefore, you can (and should!) come at any time between those hours to receive help on your travel grant.

If you are unable to attend a workshop, contact the Travel Grants Committee for more information:

Additional funding for this program has generously been made available by the Graduate Student Commons Governance Board and the Graduate Division.