Travel Grants

Travel Grants are awarded to assist students who travel to perform thesis-related research or attend conferences related to their graduate projects. This also may include thesis related travel to workshops and programs. Due to the availability of funds from the Graduate Student Commons Governance Board, amount of travel grants are $300 per applicant per academic year (or whatever your travel amount is, if less than $300). Travel must be completed before applying and must have occurred within the last two years. You may only apply after all travel has been completed.

Deadlines for submitting applications for Fall 2015 is as follows:

Fall 2015 - Monday, November 23 by 5PM to the front desk of the GSC

**Late travel grants will absolutely not be accepted**

Applications are processed at the end of each quarter. Incomplete applications will not be eligible and will be returned. They may be resubmitted for the next quarterly deadline when completed. Please see our detailed application instructions and FAQs. No funds will be disbursed without original receipts!

Please see below for information on upcoming workshops.

The Travel Grants Committee offers workshops for graduate students who have closely read the FAQs and still need help filling out their paperwork for the GSA-sponsored travel grant. Workshops for Fall 2015 will be held in the Graduate Student Commons on the following dates:
Workshop 1 - November 4, 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Workshop 2 - November 16, 4:30 PM - 5.30 PM
Workshop 3 - November 19, 12:30 PM - 1:30 PM
You can show up anytime from the start of the workshop up to ten minutes before it ends. Please print and bring your travel grants as they will not be provided.

GSA Travel Grants, which reimburse grad students for travel already completed, are due on or before June 1st at 5pm in the GSA office or at the front desk of the Grad Student Commons. It is not necessary to come to the workshop in order to complete the travel grant forms, however, the forms that get rejected tend to become so on a technicality. Therefore, you can (and should!) come at any time between those hours to receive help and "pre-approve" your travel grant, especially as the regulations for travel grants have recently changed.
After reading the FAQs, contact Fall 2015 Travel Grants Coordinator Jess Whatcott, for more info: