Department Reps

Department (or board) Representatives are the voice of their departments on the GSA Council and take part in decisions on discretionary funding, GSA resolutions, and committee work.

Department Representatives are elected for a year long term.  Is your department represented?  If not, contact the GSA for more information.   

AMS Jo Fawna Reali
Astronomy and Astrophysics Diana Powell
BME Miten Jain
Chemistry & Biochemistry Chris Bailey
Computer Engineering Te-Kang Chao
Electrical Engineering Yiqiao Hu
Environmental Studies Duran Fiack
Linguistics Peter Fabian
Mathematics Jody Ryker
METX Jennifer Teschler
Physics Trevor Keiber
Politics Jess Whatcott
Psychology Neda Namiranian
Sociology Nadia Roche
EEB Christopher Kan
Literature Erica
Ocean Sciences Wilson Sauthoff
LALS Edher Zamudio