Eligibility & Policies

Research and Travel Grant Eligibility

To qualify for a GSA research and travel grant, you must meet the following requirements:

- Currently enrolled graduate student (during the quarter you apply)

- Must have either traveled to or will be traveling to a conference or  program or workshop OR traveled to a field research site and engaged in research directly related to your thesis work.

- For past travel, departure must be within the past 2 calendar years.

- You can only receive funding once per academic year (one travel grant and one GRAF grant)

- Must have a complete application received by Research and Travel Grants Committee on or before the deadline. Late or incomplete applications are not eligible and will be returned. 

Research and Travel Grant Award Policies

Any student who did not receive funding in the previous quarter due to application error will be given top priority the following grant cycle. Research and Travel grants will not be judged based on their merit.  However, if enough funds do not exist within a given grant cycle to award funding to all applicants, the following applications will receive priority:

- Applicants who are not receiving (or plan to receive) funding from any other source, including their advisor or department.

- Applicants who have not received a GSA research and travel grant in the last two academic years.

-Applicants who are presenting original research.