Eligibility & Policies

Travel Grants Eligibility

To qualify for a GSA travel grant, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Currently enrolled graduate student (during the quarter you apply)
  • Must have either traveled to a conference or attended a program or workshop OR traveled to a field research site and engaged in research directly related to your thesis work.
  • Travel must be completed before you apply, and departure must be within the past 2 calendar years.
  • You can only receive funding once per academic year.
  • Only ONE travel grant, regarding a single conference, workshop, or research trip, may be submitted per grant cycle.
  • Must have a complete application received by Travel Grants Committee on or before the deadline. Late or incomplete applications are not eligible and will be returned.

Travel Grants Policies

The GSA offers travel grants of up to $500 per applicant per academic year (or whatever your travel amount is, if less than $300). Students who are receiving funding from another source (such as advisor, department, or grant) may be offered an award that is less than the maximum. Travel must be completed before applying and must have occurred within the last two years.

Any student who did not receive funding in the previous quarter due to application error will be given top priority the following grant cycle. Travel grants will not be judged based on their merit.  However, if enough funds do not exist within a given grant cycle to award funding to all applicants, the following applications will receive priority:

  • Applicants who are not receiving (or plan to receive) travel funding from any other source, including their advisor or department.
  • Applicants who have not received a GSA travel grant in the last two academic years.

Types of expenses we cover

  • Trips can be for anything that is related to a student's research or professional development, including but not limited to conferences, field work, and workshops.
  • Meals/incidentals are NOT eligible for reimbursement.
  • If the applicant is driving a personal vehicle, mileage is eligible for reimbursement, but gas is not. Enter the mileage into the Post-Travel Form and convert it to the rate shown on the form. Please fill out a mileage log if the trip involves multiple legs or destinations.
  • Rental cars are also covered. We cannot cover any insurance or extras on the rental car, but we can pay for the basic rental costs plus mileage.
  • Airfare reimbursements require a detailed itinerary and price breakdown accompanied by a receipt, zero balance notice or something that shows the airfare charged to the applicant's credit card (such as an email confirmation).
  • We do not cover airfare for companions or for any legs of a trip taken for personal reasons.
  • Hotel reimbursements require an itemized hotel bill that includes the number of nights accompanied by a receipt, zero balance notice or something that shows the room price charged to the applicant's credit card.
  • There is an exception if an itemized bill cannot be obtained, we will accept an email booking or confirmation IF it shows the nightly rate and total AND it is accompanied by something showing proof of payment (such a receipt or bank statement) which matches this amount.
  • Applicants may split lodging with another student, as long as there is an itemized hotel bill (or the exception listed above) and proof (receipt with applicant's name or bank statement) the applicant stayed there.
  • If booking is done through an online website, we can only reimburse if the travel is broken down into costs of flights & room rate per night. We can NOT reimburse for bundled online packages that do not list individual component prices (such as Orbitz).
  • Expenses in foreign currency: please fill out a currency conversion form and use the currency calculator on our website. Make sure to set the calculator for the date of the expense as exchange rates vary. 

General Policies

  • Travel must be within the last 2 academic years and applicant must have been a UCSC grad student.
  • Applicants can only be reimbursed once per academic year.
  • Regardless of the amount, applicants should list ALL of their actual expenses on the post travel form and the GSA cover sheet. If you are also submitting receipts to another campus unit for the same trip, please check in with us so that we do not double submit receipts.
  • Credit Card or Bank Statements are NO LONGER NEEDED to reimburse Airfare or Hotels, as long as there is some proof of payment.
  • If you have received a travel grant before, you do NOT need to complete a 204 form unless your information has changed, however you need to check the box on the post travel form that indicates that a 204 is already on file.
  • While GSA funds may be used in conjunction with funding from other sources, we may prioritize applications which have received little or no external funding.