The Graduate Student Association (GSA) serves the interests of over 1,500 graduate students at UCSC by representing your concerns to the UCSC faculty, administration, and staff, and by providing services which are more effectively addressed as a group.

We defend the interests of graduate students with regard to tuition and fees, health insurance, parking, on-campus housing, and other important issues. In addition, the GSA organizes and co-sponsors events and makes available travel grants for graduate students attending conferences or traveling on thesis-related research.

Become a GSA Council representative for your department. To be a rep, you simply come to one of our meetings, state that you'd like to be a rep for your department and then you'll be confirmed by a vote if no one else is currently representing your department. Council reps are given the opportunity to serve on various committees. Serving as a rep comes with a quarterly stipend ranging from $100-$280. Most importantly, the more representation we have in the GSA, the more we can ensure that graduate student voices are being heard on campus. Grads serving as reps on campus committees are also encouraged to attend GSA Council meetings.

We hope to see you at our next meeting. For any information contact GSA or get in touch with the E-board.